Compare And Contrast Driving And Causation

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I feel that are multiple view points to this question, depending on the subject at hand. I have provided those examples explaining the view of both sides.

According to Emelda (2011) “Causation is an occurrence or action that can cause another while correlation is an action or occurrence that has a direct link to another.
Causation has a cause and effect, is which an action causes a second action to occur. Correlation is the relationship between the two set of actions used to describe information.

Causation can be hard to prove, an example would be hypertension. Over the years there have been many things associated with the cause of hypertension such as the use of table salt, smoking, sleep apnea, alcohol, etc. To use the term causation in this example it would mean that every single person would get hypertension
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What can be said, is that there is a strong correlation between those behaviors and getting hypertension.

Another example why causation is harder to prove; take texting and driving. Texting and driving cannot be proven as the cause of accidents, but a correlation, that puts an individual at an increased risk for an accident.

A correlation is a positive or negative recognizable relationship between two or more variables that might be associated with each other but may or may not be connected, while a causation is a causal relationship between two or more variables that indicate a certain outcome or event. The difference between correlation and causation is that with causation the event or the change in values of the variables can be predicted while in a correlation it may or may not be. A correlation is much harder to prove since the results may or may not be predictable, visible or certain but the possibility still exists that a specific change in value and/or event
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