Compare And Contrast Eastern And Western Dichotomy

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The East and West are two very different worlds regarding the way Easterners and Westerners think and lead their lives. Religion and culture play significant parts in society both in both parts of the world. The way of thinking and the education of children differ in so many ways from each other. This paper gives a researched view into the cultures and thoughts of both Eastern and Western worlds.
Keywords: Eastern, Western, culture, religion, world, education

What is the Eastern and Western world in a nutshell? The Eastern and Western dichotomy is mostly based upon cultural rather than geographical concepts. Although Australia is in the East, it is grouped with the Western World. Asian and Islamic nations have been regarded as the Eastern World and Australia, Canada, Europe, New Zealand and the United States are regarded as the Western World. .–West_dichotomy

More than the eyes can see
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These could be our appearance, the way we live, our religion and the food we eat. These would be the obvious differences that we can see, but we also think differently and these are things that we would not be able to see with our eyes. Western and Eastern people come from different environments, religions and cultures. The typical Eastern religions are polytheistic, the belief or worship of more than one god, where as Western religions are typically monotheistic, the belief that there is only one god. The Eastern world has many religions, including Shinto, Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism. Some of the religions in the Western world include Christianity, Catholicism, Puritanism, Protestantism, Judaism, and
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