Compare And Contrast Egypt And Mesopotamia

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As you will journey through a time which two of the greatest civilizations that thrived in both similar and different ways. Although the ancient civilizations of Egypt and Mesopotamia had many similar and handful of differences characteristics due to their individual geographies, both have there own cteristics towards their way of religion and economy, The civilization of Mesopotamia created by people called Sumerians have chosen the land “Between Rivers” Tigris and Euphrates (pg.9) to flourish a civilization. In the blazing hot desert of Egypt you would not think civilization would flourish like the “Fertile Crescent” (pg.10) of Mesopotamia, but the “Gift of the Nile”(pg.14) begins in the heart of Africa and crossing northward flourishing civilization by its sides. Both Mesopotamia and Egypt have agricultural And trades oversea or land. One thing that these two civilizations had in common was the leaders calling themselves being a divine being and that they were the chosen one, as for the Egyptian pharaoh was the almighty “Son of Re” and Mesopotamian kings where the “Son of Anu” god of the sky. Both civilizations were polytheistic, belief in many gods.

Egypt’s geography was different from the Mesopotamian geography because egypt’s land was on either side of the Nile river so all the fertile land on the side of the great Nile was being used. And the Mesopotamian civilization called Chaldeans,babylonians,ur akkadians, assyrians, sumerians, medes, persians

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