Compare And Contrast Emerson And Edgar Allan Poe

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In this paper, Poe and Emerson the initial ideas is about the description between people and nature. Emerson concept concern was revolutionary for its time when many thought of humanity and separation from the rest of the natural world. Meanwhile, Poe write was based nature that reflects of human loss and darkness. However, Edgars Allan Poe exhibited an overall detection advantage for emotional images compared with Ralph Aldo Emerson open ideas about speak out. These findings suggest that nature display of these writers was nature, attention, love, ideas, freedom, emotion, God, darkness, and insanity.
First, both writers used symbolism “Nature” by Edgar Allan Poe and Ralph Waldo Emerson in connection with himself and the rest of nature world. The plan of the paper will be to set some a definition or meaning of transcendentalism and then to discuss how Poe insanity life was transformed and in relationship to Emerson idealistic story. Edgar Allan Poe was a famous writer and his idealistic view about the word “nature” in a darkness aspect. Some of their symbolisms were a play role on the devil, spirits, the eyes, the beauty, loss, love, and death.
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We saw an idealistic and transcendentalism movement, between Poe and Emerson where “nature” was considered the normal works from the writer. Poe and Emerson have a similar intention to make literature points. However, Emerson work was to express and encourage people, to be open mind. Poe work was involve on emotions and deep in own mind using horror and darkness. They believed that people can find God and nature and the entire petition can be answered. “Nature” is the best way to describe what the Iroquois and Jonathan Edwards was trying to explain. These writers Edgar Allan Poe and Ralph Waldo Emerson were few of many writers moving in this way too. Finally, all of these writers wrote on any point of their life, demons, insanity, politician, and
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