Compare And Contrast Emma Watson

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On our everyday, we are surrounded by heroes. A hero is a person who has special abilities in helping others and in thinking about others priorities before their own. Classical heroes are super humans that are brave, that use their abilities to help other, that go on a journey, and in some point of their life they have a revelation about their true identity as a hero. Modern-day heroes are average people, that face challenges and have problems to which people can relate. They don't go on the classical heroes' physical journey; they go on an internal one. They also care about others' problems and are always ready to help. Emma Watson is a perfect example of a hero. She relates to a classical hero because she is brave, she likes helping people that needs her help and she uses her power, influence, to help other people. Emma Watson can also be seen as a hero because she goes on multiple journeys during her life. She relates to a modern-day hero because she started her life as an average person, faces daily challenges, and she helps others. Overall, Emma Watson can be seen as a hero because of several aspects. Even though she lives in the 21st Century, Emma Watson has similarities with a classical hero. First, she is very brave. During her career, a lot of people said bad things about her, and she had to be brave to deal with these commentaries. In 2011, for example, when she ended filming the…show more content…
She relates to the classical heroes because she faced many situations with bravery, she helps people that are have a necessity and she uses her influence to do that. Just like classical and modern-day heroes, Emma went on several journeys trough her life, being physical or internal. Finally, she relates to a modern-day because she was a normal girl, she faced challenges and she helps others. As we can see, Emma Watson is a perfect example of a hero. She is certainly my biggest inspiration as woman and a
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