Compare And Contrast Equal Justice And Criminal Justice

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The equal justice perspective is the view that all people should be treated equally before the law. Equality may be best achieved through individual discretion in the justice process. (Ch. 1, Pg. 19) Based on the equal justice perspective, people tend to get arrested and charged with unequal justice. For instance, in the state of New Hampshire people who are caught with marijuana are usually fined or sent to prison. “Under the new law, a violation would be punishable by a $100 fine for a first or second offense and by a fine of up to $300 for any subsequent offense within three years. A person could be charged with a misdemeanor, if they are found with marijuana for a fourth time within the three years.” (Unknown) Citizens are being fined $350 for any amount of marijuana if citizens are 18 and older, they would also be incarcerated for an entire year. To conclude, in New Hampshire alone for your first offense, with the possession of selling marijuana up to five pounds can sentence you up to twenty years with a fine of $300,000. The restorative perspective is a view of criminal justice that advocates peaceful solutions in meditation rather than coercive punishment, which is a way for the victim and the perpetrator to make amends and come up with a solution to help both the victim and community. "The concept of restorative justice is… a new paradigm for doing justice that starts at the grassroots with ordinary members of the community as well as victims and offenders.
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