Compare And Contrast Essay On 9/11 Speech

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September 11th, 2001. A painful date in American history that impacted the entire world, and yet therefore brought forth multiple speeches to give the people hope once again. All of which used many strategies to achieve this needed reaction. Of these many speeches, there are two in particular that will be focused on now; President Bush's and Prime Minister Blair's.

In both of the speeches, the tone is full of grief and remembrance for those who were killed in the attack. However, the way this is expressed is different in both speeches. For instance, Bush states that this period of time was dark for all American's and that “Each of us will remember what happened that day, and to whom it happened”. This in turn describes this grief as nationwide, something that everyone in America felt sorrow for.

Meanwhile, Blair also shows this grief but in an alternate way. He speaks of the victims he has met, the sorrow that fills the room, and the despair from individuals. He mentions a pregnant woman whose child will never meet their father, and of parent's mourning the too early death of their children. This appeal to emotions has much more significance than that of Bush's speech, as it tells of the mournfulness coming from the people much more sincerely than the former.

Much like the grief shown in this
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He uses the previous examples of individual's grief in his speech to make way to how this horrible situation could create a new, better beginning by using a single, simple rhetorical question: “why?”. After this, he states that “It is that out of the shadow of this evil, should emerge lasting good...“ and that out of this tragedy people should fight to make it to “people everywhere can see the chance of a better future through the hard work and creative power of the free citizen, not the violence and savagery of the fanatic.”, which ends the speech on a inspirational and humble
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