Compare And Contrast Extrovert And Introverts

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Extrovert and introvert are terms initially identified by the Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Carl Jung. These two personality types are at opposite ends of the spectrum, and they process information differently. To put it simply, introverts look inside themselves to restore their energy, while extroverts look outside themselves for energy rejuvenation. These different methods of processing lead to key differences in how extroverts and introverts react to everyday life. As stated, extroverts and introverts renew their energy differently. Extroverts gain energy or recharge by socializing with other people. They feed on the energy of others. The thought of being alone drains them emotionally. In contrast, introverts are recharged by spending time alone. They lose energy after being around people or crowds for long periods of time, and they need to recharge after large group interactions. In fact, extroverts and introverts are also perceived differently, and they interact with people differently. Extroverts are usually viewed as social butterflies that are outgoing and open. In contrast, introverts are often seen as shy individuals that are more reserved and quiet in nature. Extroverts tend to have numerous friends, but the bonds between those friendships are likely to be superficial. However, introverts usually have tighter relationships between a close group of friends. Extroverts feel comfortable with groups, and they speak up willingly to respond to questions. On the other hand, introverts are less comfortable with groups, and they are more likely to need to be prompted before sharing their ideas. In addition, extroverts and introverts prefer different working environments, and they also perform differently when working in teams. Extroverts like working in an open environment with other people, and even prefer areas where there is constant activity going on around them. In contrast, introverts prefer working in quiet spaces with no distractions because an introvert’s performance is more likely to be impacted by distracting noises and other diversions. Extroverts prefer to work in teams, when working on projects, because they become energized through the interaction with the other group
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