Compare And Contrast Frankenstein Book And Book

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Frankenstein by Mary Shelley was a very interesting book and the movies made a version of their own. The new movie that was made can be compared the the book it was based of off and has many similarities and some differences as well. Some similarities the movie has to the frankenstein book are the characters, the setting, and the events of the whole story. But much like similarities there are also some differences. The setting of the book and the new movie have some. In the book the story takes of with the letters from walton to Margaret. He was writing to her because he was leaving on a voyage to the north pole. The movie started in Walden’s ship when he found victor. There were no letters that the movie started out with. The movie started…show more content…
He is the protagonist of this story; his best friend is Henry Clerval and his wife and sister is Elizabeth. Victor’s father is Alphonse Frankenstein and his mother is Caroline. He also has brothers William and Earnest. and a cousin Justinee. And the antagonist the creature, who meets the DeLaceys. The movie goes off of this almost perfectly. The main character and protagonist of the movie is Victor Frankenstein. He has a wife named Elizabeth. His parents are Alphonse and Caroline Frankenstein. His brother in the movie is William. He also has a cousin Justinee and a best friend Henry Clerval. The movie also has the antagonist the creature and the DeLacey family which includes: the father, the little, girl, Felix, and Agatha. But they ar not all the same. The movie had some different characters and background as well, compared to the movie. In the book Victor Frankenstein has two brothers WIlliam and Earnest. But the movie only has William in it. Now when the creature meets the DeLaceys in the movie Felix and Agatha are married. In the book Felix and Agatha are only brother and sister. Now the events the characters went through were alike as
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