Compare And Contrast Fredrickson And Mr. W. Sherman

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Professor William. W. Sherman is from the book The 21 Balloons. People call him brave and selfish. Mr.Fredrickson, from UP, on the other hand, is also brave but very lonely. The book and the movie both have a main character that has some differences and some similar traits. Professor Sherman is brave because he used to be a teacher and was tired of being one. So he decided to fly in a hot air balloon for a year. Only 3 weeks in the a seagle popped the balloon and he crashed on an island called Krakatoa. Mr.Fredrickson also brave because he was able to get 300 small balloons hooked to his house hoping to get in the air. Luckily he succeeds to do that and he was heading to Paradise Falls. Mr.Fredrickson and Professor Sherman are different
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