Compare And Contrast Gilgamesh And Noah

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Gilgamesh and Noah The tales of Gilgamesh and Noah are as memorable as they are incredible. They materialize the beliefs of two cultures telling very similar yet very different stories. Gilgamesh, a mighty warrior overwhelmed by grief of his passed friend, went an an epic adventure to find the secret of eternal life. Noah, a morally right and genuine man saved the future of the entire human race and every animal through great endurance and faith. The personality traits, reasons for journeys, and stories of origin of each myth have a plentiful amount of both commonalities and diversities. Firstly, Gilgamesh and Noah are both very similar and different in terms of personality. Gilgamesh was a loyal, persistent, and heroic man who was two thirds god. Despite his tales of renown and extravagant reputation he was not without his flaws. His whole journey of searching for immortality was all done out of selfishness and grief. “How can I be silent, how can I rest, when Enkidu whom I loved is dust, and I too shall die and be laid in the earth” (“Epic…” 144). Noah was a simple mortal man who had great faith in God, which led to his own and family's safety. ”Go into the ark, with all your household, for you alone have I found righteous before Me in this generation” (“Noah…” 171- 172). Gilgamesh on the contrary was very angry with the gods after losing his friend. Noah was righteous and selfless putting God’s will first before all else. Noah was also imperfect and got drunk one

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