Compare And Contrast Hamlet And Laertes

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o Compare and Contrast the Characters Hamlet and Laertes The play by Shakespeare on Hamlet has a quite interesting start. It opens in scene two (This is where we meet the characters Hamlet and Laertes) with a wedding, which is a happy occasion for many, however we find that there are two characters, who are not happy. "My good lord, I ask your permission nd your blessing to return to France. I came from there to Denmark willingly to show my support for your coronation. Now, I must confess, that duty done, my thoughts and wishes bend again toward France." (Act 1, Scene 2). Laertes is wanting to return to France instead of staying in Denmark. "(King) Why do you still seem to be under a dark cloud?" (Act 1, Scene 2). We then find Hamlet, apart from him still in mourning for his father and refusing to accept the harsh words said to him by his mother and uncle. No one really knows why Hamlet is acting the way he is until his first soliloquy, where he blurts out all his feelings: "Oh, that this too, too solid flesh would melt, thaw, and turn into dew! Or that God had not said we must not commit suicide! Oh, God! God! How weary, stale, flat, and useless the world seems! It is like an unweeded garden gone to seed. That it should come to this! Not even two months dead, so excellent a King!" (Act 1, Scene 2). In this soliloquy, Hamlet feels like committing suicide but battles it out with himself, finding excuses why not to do things. For example he will not commit suicide

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