Compare And Contrast Hercules And Antaeus

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Hercules and Antaeus
Italian Renaissance began approximately in 1420. It was a period of great cultural changed and achievement that began in Italy during the 14th century and lasted until the 17th century

Antonio del Pollaiouo was an Italian artist specialised in painting, sculpture, engraved and goldsmith during the Italian Renaissance. He was well-known for his mastery of line and renderings of the human figure in his sculpture . Antonio created the sculpture of “Hercules and Antaeus” during the Early Classical Period. He was also one of the few artists to study human anatomy together with Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo.

In addition, the Early Classical Period (480/479-450 B.C.E) started to achieved the two-and-three-dimensional forms
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He tends to challenge all passers-by to a match which he incredibly won and used their skulls or bones to build an empire for his father. His powers are invincible as he got all the source of strength from his mother – the earth. In other words, just by him standing on the ground, he was dominant than all the other men.

Due to his arrogance, he invited Hercules into a fight when he was busy searching for the golden apples. Being a hero Hercules was, he accepted the challenge and tried to defeat Antaeus. The first times Hercules smashed Antaeus to the ground, he realised that he had gotten stronger than before, which then he remembered that the earth was Antaeus's mother. This led to Hercules holding Antaeus in mid-air and slowly watching his strength draining out.

The artist created this artwork during the time of High Renaissance Art (1490-1527), and it was hugely important for the Italians due to the life-likeness of figures and representation of three-dimensional space. In Antonio’s artwork, it greatly shows the visible of muscles that he was able to execute it from his knowledge of human figure. With the help of the chiaroscuro - an effect of contrasted light and shadow - it makes the muscles more evident for the audience to
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Though it was created during the same period with Antonio's work, Hercules and Antaeus, the two share very different impact on the audience. For example, the artwork done by Antonio, it consists of violence and torture to Antaeus by the look of his facial expression and how incredibly strong Hercules was due to the visible muscles. This could make the audience feel uncomfortable at some point as not many people are fond of the idea of causing hurt to one another.

However, in Michelangelo's sculpture, it depicts Virgin Mary holding on to Jesus Christ after his crucifixion. By the look of devastation on her face, it makes us feel sympathetic for her as she is holding on to her dead son. Though Mary's head was a little bit too big for her body, Pieta was considered one of the few best artworks during the Italian Renaissance as at that point of time it was rare for artists to create a sculpture and include two or more people. Reason being is due to the lack of knowledge of human figure that was taught back
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