Compare And Contrast Hillary Clinton And Trump

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Given the unprecedented unpopularity of both major party Presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, some voters are not sure if they can vote for either one.
But, my stance is clear. I refuse to vote for the lesser of the two evils: I want to support a candidate who is serious about improving the lives of African-Americans.
In particular, the concerns of African-Americans have not been addressed adequately. Clinton’s support of harmful policies toward African American communities has come back to bite her, and her well-documented racial pandering is embarrassing.
On the other hand, Trump’s discrimination tactics against African-American tenants were revealed in a New York Times report, where his negative feelings toward them
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They both made it difficult for Blacks to move into their apartments. In addition, for most of his campaign, he has refused to properly acknowledge African-Americans.
And when he does, he likens their lives to a dystopian world! I doubt his polling numbers with African-Americans will improve even as the election date draws near. While Trump is particularly unattractive to Black voters, Hillary Clinton is not much better.
Hillary Clinton’s past continues to haunt her today, despite the fact that she has repeatedly attempted to mask it. Remember the infamous “super-predators” comment she made in the 1990s when talking about crime in America? The term was actually directed towards African-American youths.
In addition, the BBC revealed that Clinton supported the 1994 Crime Bill, which helped contribute to the increase of incarcerations of African-Americans.
Retaining the 100-1 sentencing that largely affected African-Americans was an injustice. The bill also made it harder for prisoners returning home to readjust as benefits for education grants were
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