Compare And Contrast Hinduism And Buddhism

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Throughout history, religion has been a guiding force that determines a person’s core values and directs a person down a path in their life. It is a basic belief that a person practices which can determine an individual’s life. There are hundreds of religions in the world. They evolve from different traditions and customs, as well as practices and values. Two of the most influential religions in the world are Hinduism and Buddhism. Both religions originate from South Asia and are similar in their basic beliefs and practices; though they differ in many aspects. Unlike Buddhism, Hinduism did not have a founder. It generated and expanded through India from 1500 BC and is the third largest religion in the world. It is considered to be a…show more content…
These Brahman were the teachers to the royals and the priests. Many times these gifts of butter and milk were used as part of a sacrifice for a holiday or festive occasion. Also receiving free gifts from Das was the spiritual yogi in the forest. Das described this man as having a back as straight as a rod and emanating “yoga energies.” The concentration the yogi displayed while meditating almost made it look like he was levitating. Das mentioned that it was almost like he wasn’t present in the physical world and looked like the yogi had the ability to “kill or restore life.” Das was aware of the presence of divinity oozing from this man in the forest; it reminded him or royalty. Out of respect, Das brought the man gifts of food and water (Hesse 2-3). Another idea to demonstrate Hinduisms respect for the caste system, are their arranged marriages. Women don’t rank highly in the caste system. They are tolerated in order to produce a male heir. Treatment of the women is not a high priority. This can be exemplified by Das’s treatment of his wife. Das fell in love at first sight with the beautiful Pravati. He bargained with her father and came to an arrangement. Das married Pravati in exchange for helping his father-in-law with tasks around the farm. This included taking care of millet farms and rice patties. Once Das married Pravati, he kept
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