Compare And Contrast Hinduism And Judaism

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Essay 1: Hinduism and Judaism
How do Hinduism and Judaism think similarly and different about the human self? How Hinduism and Judaism answer the question of why human suffer? How do Hinduism and Judaism define themself? And what is their perspective of God. I will closely analyzed these two religions, to answer the questions above.
Judaism is the religion of the Jews. It was established by Abraham and they (Jewish) believe that he got chosen by God to follow covenant. Abraham was the first Jew at the time. The Jews also have their own Bible and it commonly known as Torah. Today, Judaism is based on the commandments which are based on the Torah. Torah was written by Moses and Jewish people believe that God told Moses to do so. Literally, Judaism affects a lot to other religion such as Catholic and Christian. Judaism believe in only one God, Jesus Christ. In reality, Judaism is not likely stand for a unique religion but in theory it is. Through many Century, many ceremony of faith has clearly shown up, even though it may see difference from another point of view, but they all show a general equivalence of faith in God.
In tradition, Jewish pray at least 3 times a day and 4 times in every special event called “Shabbat”. The focus for praying is Amidah or they have another name for it called “Shemoneh Esrei”. The main grace includes 19 deprecation. Another Bible is Shema, Shema is the quote of what inside Torah. There are 3 Holy places and place to worship. It is Synagogue,
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