Compare And Contrast Hinduism And Monotheism

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Comparison between two different religions allows analysis of different aspects of the religions, as it relates to the other. In this paper, there will be a stark comparison of both Judaism and Hinduism, along with their fundamental beliefs and rituals. That will compare beliefs of God/ Gods, Goddesses etc., prayer/worship and analyze of life and death both culturally and spiritually. Along with both similarities and differences there will be the defining goal that ties all beliefs together and that is the oneness with their God.

Judaism Judaism is a monotheistic religion and it beliefs are the complete opposite of ancient polytheistic religion like that of Hinduism. Monotheism is the belief of one God. The religion started with the ancient Israelites, who referred to their God as El. Their God was known by many names to include, El Shaddai, El Elyon, El Olam and Most frequently Elohim and YHWH. Their God was worshipped by burning animal sacrifices on an alter. Their God was not worshiped in a temple or building until the time of Solomon (961-922 B.C.E.). It was not until the time of Moses and the great Exodus of the chosen people of God, that their Law was given unto them on Mt. Sinai to Moses, the prophet. YHWH communicated their law to the Israelites through Moses. Ten absolutes laws, the Ten Commandments. These rules and regulations are supposed to govern the interactions between man with man, and man with God. Judaism having its spiritual and ethical
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