Compare And Contrast Hong Kong And America

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In this essay , I will choose America be the another country to compare / contrast Hong Kong. In the following parts, I would like to compare/contrast Hong Kong’s and America’s childhood, food culture and Film/Movies.

First and foremost, Hong Kong’s childhood is extremely different with America. In Hong Kong, children are quite pitiful. According to The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICF) pointed out, children in each day at least have one hour to play, but in fact this is an impossible thing in Hong Kong because of the Territory-wide System Assessment (TSA). Carried out in 2004, the TSA is compulsory for primary 3, primary 6 and Secondary 3 students. In recent years, the TSA exam drills begins as early as P1. Some schools request student to buy more than 20 TSA practice books to practice and attend supplementary drills during the lunchtime, after school and even on holidays. Just think about it, your children had spent all the time to practice the TSA after they go back home, they still need to do their homework and revision so how can they have time to play?
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First, most of the Hong Kong’s children did not have a happy childhood and most of the America’s children have a happy childhood. Second, Hong Kong and America have the same food culture that is fast food culture. The reason why the fast food culture is popular in Hong Kong and America is because Hong Kong and America have a quick pace of life, also the fast food advertisement promises that people did not need to wait for a long time. The most important thing is the fast food is cheap than western restaurant and the fast food is suit children’s taste, so fast food culture is more popular in this two place. Third, America’s film category is more than Hong Kong’s film category, but both of them have famous actors, but Hong Kong’s well-known actors is less than
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