Compare And Contrast Iceland And The Middle East

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Europe and the Middle East are two very contrasting places when it comes to the presence of peace or war in the two regions over the last 70 years. Recently, Europe has consistently been the more peaceful while the Middle East has gotten progressively less peaceful in the past few years and is now one of the most violent regions in the world. Europe contains the most peaceful country in the world: Iceland; and the Middle East has the least peaceful country: Syria. The reason for this dichotomy can most easily be explained by the economic equalities in their relative populations.
Iceland’s lack of violent crime domestically is not due to their lack of guns because guns are actually very common throughout Iceland where hunting is a favored pastime.
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Iceland and the European region focus on unity and equality to achieve peace. Working as a team rather than against each other as they once had has helped the region contain some of the most peaceful countries in the world. The lack of large disparities in their economic class structure has ensure maintain that peace and prevented conflict.
The Middle East as a whole has been generally one of the most violent regions in recent history. A major difference between the Middle East and Europe is that that unlike Europe, the Middle East is not unified nor is their sense of equality. Syria has experienced violent uprisings and war crimes fueled by the masses rebelling against an oppressive dictatorship. Indeed, the differences between the haves and the have nots are significant and often the cause of conflict where the ones less fortunate take to arms in an effort to better their situation.
The regions of Europe and the Mideast as illustrated by Iceland and Syria clearly demonstrate disparities in local economies go a long way in explaining why some regions are peaceful and others engaged in wars or other local conflicts. Until these disparities are narrowed in all regions, the risk of war or other conflict is
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