Compare And Contrast Ikea

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Comparing And Contrast Essay The decision to choose a new piece of furniture might be difficult, but to select the right store is even more confusing. I took a decision to buy a new sofa whether from IKEA store or THE One. IKEA is considered to be a major furniture retailer in the world (Loeb, 2012). Also, it was stated in IKEA’s website that the store is invading the region with more than 403 stores in 49 countries around the world. THE One is also considered as a luxury brand in MENA region. As according to THE One website, there are 24 stores around the region. Both stores bring exclusive home fashion products. They both claim that quality is their top priority. According to IKEA’s website, it is reported that they aim to keep quality at…show more content…
As stated in IKEA website, sofas with the same size and style that I am looking for are between 900 to 2,500 AED. As well, it is stated in the website that IKEA’s business concept is to offer good products and that most people can afford them. On the other hand, THE One got a bit expensive products comparing to IKEA’s. According to THE One website, the prices for most of the sofas start from 3600 to 6000 AED, which are extremely higher than the ones with the same design in IKEA. Also, the website of THE One mentioned that the luxury design is their character. Accordingly, THE One’s pieces are offered with high prices. So, IKEA is better in providing affordable…show more content…
According to the website of IKEA, there are so many colors for the same sofa. As well, most of the sofas come with extra covers. Also, according to IKEA’s website, they launch 2500 new products yearly, and that includes new colors and extra covers for old products. on the contrary, THE One has only two distinctive styles as stated in THE One’s website. The first style is RebeLuxe which takes the luxury as a design code. Secondly, Burlesque that brings a theatrical atmosphere with its designs. THE One actually limits the options of the customers and sticks them to only two designs. Therefore, IKEA is preferred because it gives a range of options to its
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