Compare And Contrast Immigration Groups From The Colonial Period To 1929?

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HIST315 Final Exam, Workshop 8 Name: Ronald Helmich CHOOSE TWO OF THE FOLLOWING ESSAY QUESTIONS: 1.Describe the U.S. immigration policies from 1790 to 1929. What are the provisions and preferences of each policy? Describe why each policy was enacted. What immigration groups were affected by the policies? What were the overall effects? Provide plenty of examples to support your essay. As the country became established, immigration was encouraged and even advertised. There were few restrictions on who can enter and where they could live. Some states were in charge of their own borders and had some policies in place. It wasn’t until the late 1700s that some began to look at what the image of America should be. This was the basis of many early…show more content…
What were the push/pull factors that brought them here? How did the various immigrant groups differ from each other? Provide plenty of examples to support your essay. Early settlers that came here were from Europe, especially France, Spain, and England. As soon as the first settlements were established, immigrants began to flood the colonies. Many of the early immigrants came here for different reasons. Some came to seek a new life that was free of issues like religion, economic problems, and others were brought here as servants or slaves. Those that came here seeking a better life and a better economic future were often met with troubles from the start. Many couldn’t afford the trip over so were contracted to act as servants for a number of years. Once the contract is completed, they were free to do as they wished. There were also those that were brought here against their will as slaves. These were prominently Africans that were bought and sold through along trade routes. There was an estimate of about 700,000 slaves in the colonies by 1790. There were convicts that England sent over that they could no longer afford to house or willing to keep ( Staff,
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