Compare And Contrast Immigration

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Diamond Blair
Prof. Walsh
15 November 2017
Compare and contrast essay
In today's world, the president of the United States holds the most important position with significant political power in other parts of the world. The president's job description expands further than the United States; he or she holds significant influence in the world. Furthermore, the position allows the president to shape foreign policy, which can affect global decisions such as immigration. For many decades, immigrants from around the world have come to help build America. For example, statistics show how working immigrants have increased the GDP as a result of their employment in the states. Nevertheless, immigrants have not always been welcomed to the country for several reasons such controversy has caused divide among Americans. Those who support banning immigrants cite social and economic drawbacks to the nation. While those who are in favor of immigration applaud their contribution to the nation's economy. Although immigration has some disadvantages, the United States benefits significantly from immigration and it needs control to foster these benefits.
Immigration offers economic benefits to the United State like slavery for an example. In history when the first English settlers came to America, they traveled to Africa and the Caribbean to seek slaves. These slaves were captured and brought against their will to the United States to farm for white
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