Compare And Contrast In Cold Blood And A Good Man Is Hard To Find

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Oct. 31th, 2017
Literary Comparison: In Cold Blood & A Good Man is Hard to Find
The crime is defined as the law-breaking cruel action committed by the criminals. These criminals usually have some deep trauma deep in their heart and the sudden bursting of all the negative sentiments will result in very devastating consequences of hurting other human beings. This essay will mainly compare Perry Smith in In Cold Blood and Misfit in A Good Man is hard to find, which is both the main character and the main criminal in the two crime stories. They have a lot of things in common as a criminal with minor differences. They a are both cynical to the society; They have both found themselves isolated from the society.
Firstly, Both Perry and Misfit are cynical to the society. The Misfit, in A Good Man Is Hard to Find, says he was, “a different breed of dog from his brothers and sisters (OConner 8),” Meanwhile, there is a revelation that is echoed by Perry Smith in Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood: “I hate you, all of you Dad and everybody (Capote 254),” He says to his sister, and claims to have “a brilliant mind and talent plus (Capote 281),” attributes that set him apart from others. The common
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At the end of A Good Man is Hard to Find, the Misfit reveled his uncertainty about the pleasure with his meanness to kill the entire family by stating, “It’s no real pleasure in life (OConner 11).” As for In Cold Blood, Perry also implied to the Dick by his words that he has deep regrets about the crimes they committed: “There`s got to be something wrong with somebody who`d do a thing like that (Capote 108).” The reasons for the outcast state of both of these two characters seem to hinge on their inability to cope with “everydayness,” or the mundane requirements of existence. Thus, the deep regret of the criminals is a common trait that the criminal
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