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For many years there have been debates going around with whether Psychology and Christianity can be integrated. In this research paper I will show two models, for (of) integrations and two models against integration and my stance on it. I will also look at the different contributors to psychology and show how their contribution has helped us to better understand this progress. I will share my personal view on this topic and give a few solutions to see how integration can work. According the website states that integration means combining parts so that they work together or form a whole. Christianity is a religion based upon the teaching and miracles of Jesus. According to the book Hilgrad’s Introduction
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Reconciliation is not possible. You end up with an either/or position. The foundations and teachings of the two disciplines are antithetical to one another.
• At its extreme this view says that the sole source of truth is revelation and not science or reason. Human reason is fatally distorted by the noetic effects of sin and doesn’t have access to truth apart from revelation.
• Psychology is not seen as a science at all.
• Maladjustment results from our sinful nature (a spiritual cause) and therefore there is no need for psychotherapy.
• Psychotherapy becomes a substitute for the transforming work of the Holy Spirit (sanctification). Christians who subscribe to the against model become part of the anti-psychology movement. Good examples of Christian teachers who fit into this category would be Jay Adams and Martin Bobgan. The core arguments used to support the ‘against’ model can basically be split into four categories:
• The sufficiency of scripture (Sola Scriptura)
• Belief that there are two sources of counsel – God and Satan’s
• Psychology is bad science
Integration is syncretistic (Carter, John D. and Bruce Narramore,
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Some limiters of science maintain that certain areas of reality are not appropriate for scientific or on the other hand religious. These persons are “Territorialists” who limits religion and science to different territories of focus. The limiters of science believe that there are certain areas that are inappropriate for either scientific or religious study. Another set of individuals known as Perspectivalists on the other hand religion and science attempt to explain the same aspects of reality but from different, independent
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