Compare And Contrast International Traditional School And Sustainable Modern School

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5.1 Introduction: Throughout the centuries, architects have come up with various schools of architecture to follow. Each school is unique and some can integrate other principles from their predecessors. Respectively, each style has its own principles and famous architects that created the style or are categorized under it based on their designs. Styles can truly help throughout the design stage, especially with the concept part. For this proposed project, two schools have been chosen to incorporate and follow, these two schools are the International Modern Architectural School and Sustainable Modern School. 5.1.1 International Modern Architectural School: Definition: In the term of architecture, International Style is a style that…show more content…
This school is followed in a lot of buildings especially residential and commercial buildings. There are a lot of principles that exist in this school and most of them assist in the concept of the design which is based on functionality. This style has open inner spaces and vast windows and such characteristics can be applied with the eco-friendly concept. 5.1.2 Sustainable School of Architectural: Definition: This school has been created recently to have a friendlier environment as well as long lasting buildings. Sustainable or also known as green architecture has its own unique techniques and methodologies to ensure that the building is long lasting and eco-friendly. Principles of Sustainable Modern School of Architecture: 1. Small is beautiful: This principle is based on having small functional spaces, that is to escape from the tremendous houses that have a lot of wasted, unused space. In addition, the concept of “Less is more” can also be applied here in a different perspective. 2. Use of local materials: Sustainable the use of local materials is one of the most important principles of the Green Architecture School. It aims for durable buildings as well as a long life span. In addition to that, it tends to reduce the carbon foot print, making the building

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