Compare And Contrast Ironman And Spiderman

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Ironman and Spiderman both transformed from being humans to heroes. Both men have different lifestyles, but hide behind a mask.

Peter Parker, who is Spiderman, got bitten by a radio-active spider and gained his abilities due to his genetics changing. Peter was still in high school when the change started to happen. During his high school years he was constantly bullied and pushed around by the local jocks; he endures it throughout before his transformation. Only after Parker becomes aware of his powers does he actually evade and belittle the bullies in front of everyone.

His interest in women is more or less centralized around one girl. He is quite the shy guy. Gwen is in the same school, but his chances with her seemed slim as he was
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He has contacts in very high places in the government it would seem, his inventions sometimes get used by defence departments. Due to his contact he has access to a lot of information that informs him when high-profile crimes take place so that he can interfere and put the bad guys behind bars – he especially destroys weapon caches.

Stark is quite the womanizer, but often takes Pepper, his assistant and close friend for granted. They share a mutual feeling, although they don’t show it at first. His house is quite fancy and expensive, situated behind fences and gates; he likes his privacy too much. Tony also likes to get his own way whenever he wants something and can become quite emotional if things don’t go his way. It would seem that Tony does not have a good memory of people as he continually forgets the faces of those he interacts with, people that may have had an impact on his life earlier.

If you had to compare Ironman to Spiderman, I would say that each has its own unique merits. Spiderman uses his reflexes and spider webs to twat low-life criminals, catching them in the act and tying them up for the police. Ironman uses his superior intellect and his suit of armour to eliminate machinery of war, flying and blowing bombs
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