Compare And Contrast Jack And Jacks

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Above all else, I would like to admit that both Jacks and Ralphs did quite well in their debate and it is hard for me to decide who is going to be the winner. Even though I would like to have two groups champion debaters, it is impossible for us to do that because of odd amount of votes we got.

The debate started from Jack accuse Ralph of ineffectual leadership. Things went on worse as Ralph accuse Jack of being negligent. Opening statement was hold at first. Tiger and Alice claimed that Jack has the authority of being a leader which does not only based on his experience of leading the choir but also based on his consideration of hunting because he might have thought that meat is the only enjoyment they can have in the island. They also stated
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They even bring up hunting means the thirst to blood and his unclear comprehensiveness attribute for no B plan and always goes for hunting. On the other hand, they try to convince that fruit is enough for good surviving and shelter is more important raise by Ralphs. In addition, Jeffery shows us Jack is supercilious when he said “who cares” in response to Ralph’s speaking rule. It definitely shows the dispersant personalities Jack owns. I think Ralph answers better on this question even though they have some unsuitable statement. As for the fourth question, both group provided some evidence to show how they treat others. Ralphs mentioned Piggy and thought himself treat Piggy better than Jack because he only ignores Piggy sometimes but Jack beats him and never apologize. For Jacks who admit our strange question agree with the points that fear can make others obey the rules better and efficient which is debatable but reasonable. Count different question as my reason, I think Jacks did quite well on such wild question we asked even though they can’t show us the
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