Compare And Contrast Jack And Jay Gatsby

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Jack and Jay Gatsby made a name for themselves, but they each achieved their goals in different manners. Jack from Fifty Grand and Jay Gatsby from The Great Gatsby were two of the many Hemingway and Fitzgerald created characters that we learned about in class. They had many similarities, however at times they were are completely opposite, for those reasons I have used them as my selected characters to compare and contrast. Jack and Jay Gatsby both had great success but regardless they both risked all of their wealth for something that they found they lacked at the moment. "’Well, I tried to swing the wheel----’ He broke off, and suddenly I guessed at the truth. "Was Daisy driving?’ ‘Yes,’ he said after a moment, ‘but of course I'll say I…show more content…
If Jay Gatsby would have used the new knowledge he learned from Dan Cody he could have made something bigger out of himself and obtained his wealth in a legal way. It isn’t always the easiest route to do thing the right way but if Jay Gatsby would have followed the right path he would not have had to worry about the risks and life a less stressful live. Jack wasn’t confident in the fight against Walcott and had no desire to keep fighting, so he took a deal with Morgan and Steinfield, to lose the fight on purpose, so they could all make some quick cash. Jack, from what we know, made his way up the boxing game legit, but regardless he sacrificed his legacy to make some quick cash, he not only disrespected the sport and his fans but he humiliated himself, his name and lost all dignity he had. If jack just tried that fight even if he lost he could have ended his career with a real fight and not a money move. Jack and Jay Gatsby also had some differences in their personalities. One of them being that Jack lacked the ambition and self confidence that Jay Gatsby possessed. “He skipped the rope a little while. He couldn't sweat. ‘He'd better not do any work at all,’ Hogan said. We were standing watching him skip rope. ‘Don't he ever sweat at all any more?’ ‘He can't sweat.’” (Hemingway

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