Compare And Contrast Jason And Medea

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Abrahamsen, Laura. “Roman Marriage Law and the Conflict of Senecas "Medea".” Quaderni Urbinati di Cultura Classica, vol. 62, no. 2, 1999, pp. 107–121. JSTOR, Accessed 12 Sept. 2017. This article explores the laws of marriage in Roman culture. While both Euripides and Seneca hold two of the most acclaimed versions, Laura Abrahamsen describes how Seneca’s version may be best suited in representing a Roman retelling of the legend and how the traditional social constructs may have added to a negative perception of Medea. Ackah, Kofi. “Euripides’ Medea and Jason: A Study in the Social Power of Love.” Phronimon, vol. 18, 2017, pp. 31–43., Accessed 12 Sept. 2017. Kofi…show more content…
The article acknowledges the extent of time that Euripides devotes to the complexities of the feminine mind, while also defending the argument that Medea receives little sympathy in the end in comparison to Jason. Lloyd, Charles. “The Polis in Medea: Urban Attitudes and Euripides Characterization in Medea 214-224.” Classical World, vol. 99, no. 2, 2006, pp. 115–130. JSTOR, Accessed 13 Sept. 2017. Charles Lloyd investigates the characterization of Medea, such as her language and sequence of events, to prove how Euripides paints her as sophisticated due to her foreignness. However, he also proves that Medea is suppressed by listing ways in which she tried to change her perception by imitating male Greek culture. This article will provide a counterargument for the patriarchy I intend to illustrate within the text The character Medea continues to stun and unsettle audiences as she depicts the fury that results from infidelity within marriages. This complex play of a Greek husband, Jason, and his wife Medea, who responds to her husband’s disloyalty of joining with another wife by killing their two sons, and his new royal bride, depicts a rather wicked and irrational side of the female protagonist. Coupled with the use of her witch-like powers to complete the murders, Medea is prevented from
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