Compare And Contrast John Locke And Thomas Hobbes

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John Locke and Thomas Hobbes were both famous philosophers that changed the way humans thought about society and the way humans lived together on this planet. Both philosophers were well respected and influenced many lives with their different theories. Some of their most popular topics that they spoke about was human’s state of nature and different forms of government. The state of nature is the way people are inclined to behave before any form of government is involves. When it came to the nature of human beings and ideas about different forms of government, Locke and Hobbes had some similar opinions as well as some differing ones. The way people tend to act and behave before any government is formed is a topic that is discussed by both John Locke and Thomas Hobbes. Although they do not completely agree on the topic, they have some similar ideas about it. The idea of equality comes up from both philosophers and Locke’s comments on the idea were, “A state also of equality, wherein all the power and jurisdiction is reciprocal, no having more than another… and should also be equal one amongst another without subordination or subjection.” Locke believes that the state of nature is one where all men are equal because everyone has the same abilities as their neighbor. Hobbes also has similar thoughts about this idea of equality when he states, “the difference between man and man, is not so considerable, as that one man can thereupon claim himself any benefit, to which another
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