Compare And Contrast Judaism And Catholism

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Judaism and Catholicism despite being established 1770 years apart and including somewhat differing values, symbols, rituals and social structures, however they have many likenesses despite certain conflicting aspects . Judaism was recognized in 1880 BC, with Catholicism being established in 30 AD and are two of the world’s most followed religions. All religions have correlating characteristics which can be represented and interpreted in diverse ways. In this way, Judaism and Catholicism share similar theological ideologies, ethics, spiritual experiences/rituals and also central bases and figures of the religion itself.
Theological ideologies are an important fundamental for any religion, ideologies that follow certain values and practices. Judaism and Catholicism are classified as monotheistic and Abrahamic religions, meaning they both worship one god and share the central belief that Abraham was the patriarch of prophets such as Ennoch, Moses, Amos, Ezekiel and Noah. The symbolism behind Abraham is interpreted as devoted faith, god’s way of life, obedience and apparent father of the heritage and lineage of both faiths. Abraham is also shown in sacred texts in Catholicism in the bible and The book of Torah. Linking to this, both religions have an old testament which explains the existence of God, symbolic stories and the ten commandments. The ten commandments shown in exodus and torah and as a key belief, believing these to be direct orders from god, with both religions

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