Compare And Contrast Kennedy's Policy Of Containment

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“It is of the utmost importance that we supervise the use of any funds made available to Greece; in such a manner that each dollar spent will count toward making Greece self-supporting, and will help to build an economy in which a healthy democracy can flourish” (Truman T18). Both Truman and Eisenhower used the policy of containment but Kennedy used the Flexible Response to help with other countries that have communism. During the Cold War, there were many problems that were going on with the United States and the Soviet Union. Military aid, military use, and the economic aid of three presidents were used. They gave assistance, money, military supplies and military help to these countries falling under the use of communism. The government…show more content…
Request for help to send troops to fight for nation’s independence against communism (Eisenhower E27). The United States military is to help territorial integrity and the political independence of any nation going towards communist military use. Using the policy of containment gives the United States for the ability against communist using their military. The United States helps other countries grow stronger economies (Eisenhower E19). Being non violent with Middle East nations, to help them with economic strength for their independence. Able to cooperate with these nations give us a faster ability to go and help them if they are communism. “It would, in the second place, authorize the executive to undertake in the same region programs of military assistance and cooperation with any nation or group of nations, which desires such aid” (Eisenhower E20). Eisenhower gave the military aid to the nations that are not able to support themselves. Making a dangerous policy from the Soviet Union treat makes the ideas of safety to stop before the idea of having a counter attack in nuclear weapons. The United States would give as many supplies to these nations so the wouldn't be a worry to turning communist like the worry of
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