Compare And Contrast Lamb To The Slaughter And The Signalman

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Initially, both writers in the story of Lamb to the Slaughter and The Signal Man are written in a gothic style and suspense is created through the use of language devices. In The Signalman written by Charles Dickens, the author himself uses sensory, effects and adjectives to build suspense likewise in The Lamb to the Slaughter written by Roald Dahl, the author uses figurative language, dramatic irony and most importantly insanity which bring in the suspense to the story. Both writers create suspense in Lamb to the Slaughter and The Signalman is also by the tension throughout the story where in The Signalman, it is a traditional literature where it tends to be more elitist while in the Lamb to the Slaughter, it is a contemporary literature where…show more content…
Furthermore, Dickens creates the setting in a complex way to bring in tension for the reader so that they can intellect that something is happening. For instance, “Halloa! Below There!” this extract gives an eerie and bizarre effect to give the evidence of uncertainty as the narrator call out to somebody giving the readers a time to speculate on who could the narrator be calling out to. Dickens describes his characters in a down to earth, enigmatic and inexplicable sort of way to generate the idea of suspense throughout the story plus this gives the impression of a stereotypical character. Dickens creates suspense by describing the characters, for instance, the signalman is described as a disturbed man who presume that he is haunted by a ghost where he sees someone; the spectre at the red light which gives the evidence when the signalman said to the narrator, “I never saw his face. The left arm is across the face, and the right arm is waved. Violently waved. This way” and the way the signalman is looking at a little bell when it did not ring show how suspense is created by paranormal activities and ghostly figures to give a creepy effect on the…show more content…
In Lamb to the Slaughter for example, Mrs. Maloney looking at the clock shows how she is impatient and how she is waiting for someone to come while in the story of The Signalman, the tension is created in a manner when the signalman is telling the narrator his past memories of when he encounter several deaths in the train’s tunnel. In similarity, both Dickens and Dahl use objects to also create suspense in their story for example the danger light gives us the impression of a warning; danger while Dahl uses table lamps, two tall glasses, clock, to give the reader the feeling of what is like to be in a peaceful home and the murder weapon which is the leg of lamb is shown as the meat that is to be served for dinner also it gives the impression of cold-blooded meat causing a dreadful

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