Compare And Contrast Leonalo Messi And Cristiano Ronaldo

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Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are definitely the best soccer players in the world. They dominate world soccer for eight years. There are many comments but still nothing definitive about who is better. I will do my best to compare and contrast them to explain why I prefer Ronaldo than Messi in two areas: their styles and technical abilities.
To an extent, their styles are determined by their own careers. For Messi, he came to Barcelona from Newell’s Old Boys at the age of 13, with the club helping him for a growth hormone deficiency that threatened to limit his growth and paying for a treatment (“Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo”). Therefore, Messi grew up in La Masia. The style of most youth players come out from La Masia is very delicate
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So, his style has more emphasis on small skills developed at an early age. More than a decade has past, Messi has never changed his style, gradually, there is no one better in the world at taking on and beating players (Davis 2015). However, Cristiano Ronaldo was born in a favela (Lewis 2008), he had to pursue his soccer dream by himself. Fortunately, he met his talent scout--Sir. Alex Ferguson. In 2003, 18-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo got the No.7 shirt which is a symbol of heritage of Manchester United as soon as he came to Old Trafford (“Cristiano Ronaldo exclusive”). “That was the biggest surge of excitement, of anticipation, I experienced in football management,” Sir. Alex Ferguson said when he recalled that signing later (“Spicy quotes from Sir Alex Ferguson's autobiography”). Ronaldo was good at deceptive movements when he began his soccer career. His skills were very dizzy at first, but not so effective. By the later stage of his Man Utd. career, while his efficiency and physical quality have been improving, he dealt with the ball more concise, of course, that is related to his…show more content…
As a matter of fact, Ronaldo is the top talented player in the contemporaneous players. First of all, Ronaldo’s strong physical quality itself is part of the talent, it is not just rely on the acquired training: his extremely high speed of dribbling becomes a weapon in counterattack for team; his ability to hold himself in the air creates huge threats in the air to opposing defense line; his strong shooting strength helps his long drives become the effective means to break the blanket defense for team, and also helps him develop his iconic type of free kick. On the other hand, Ronaldo’s powerful ability to adapt, strong will, indomitable spirit and self-discipline to his own soccer career also maintain himself in a great form in a long period of time. It is precisely because of these qualities, Ronaldo can be consistently strict about trainings, and be successful. People always like the fairy tales that hard walking will bring success, but ignore that the talent is the key to determine the upper limit for a

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