Compare And Contrast Low Fat Vs Low Carb Diet

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6 Reasons why a Low Carb Diet is Better than Low Fat

Our bodies need something to create the energy to maintain our bodily functions and brain health. For many years the health organizations all over the world have been advocating a diet with higher carbs and protein as being best for the production of this energy. Fat has been frowned upon. Unfortunately, carbohydrates and not fats are the reason so many people are overweight. This causes major health problems.

Some of the reasons why a low carb diet is better for you than a low fat diet -

1. Weight Loss

▪ Increased weight loss, faster!
▪ Low carb dieting gives 3 times better weight loss than the low fat (low calories) way of dieting.
▪ Ketosis (due to low carb eating occurs due to less glucose in the body) causes you to lose stored and consumed fat, so that
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Energy Levels

▪ If you are eating a low carb diet ( with higher fat), and perhaps go for longer periods of time without eating, you will not feel sluggish or without energy at all.
▪ Your energy will come from the stored fat, which is good news for your overall health and weight. A low fat diet can result in vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Fat is needed for some vitamins to be absorbed.

6. Low-Carb diets and Glycemic Control
Less carbs equals less glucose for diabetics. This results in lower blood sugar levels and less need for insulin. Low-carb diets can cure type II diabetes. In fact a low-carb diet can in many instances be a cure for some of the most serious diseases in the world. Without a reduction in calories, the low-fat diet doesn't have any benefits, and the weight loss on a low-fat plan is largely due to a reduction in muscle.

Make a Low Carb High Fat Diet your Nutritional Therapy

Low carbs versus low fats cannot be seen as a debate any more. When you see the overall improvements in an individuals health, you know that a low carb, high fat diet is the answer to the problem we face with the declining health of our entire
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