Compare And Contrast Macbeth And Federigo's Falcon

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As I see my senior year coming to an end so soon, I have learned many important text. Federico’s Falcon, Beowulf, Macbeth. These poems/ plays have taught me some aspects in life. I have learned that people are willing to do anything for their loved one in these poems and plays. Also how much people can change throughout their life. In federigo's Falcon this man has a bird that is a falcon and he loves it so much. He has a crush on this lady ever since he was little. He didn't know how to tell her so he never did. One day this lady who has a son got sick and what he wanted was a falcon that this guy had. She went over to ask. He knew she was going to come over but not knowing what for. He shot this bird so they could talk over having dinner. He didn't know what to say about all of this. When he find out that he shot this bird he was ok with it. He was willing to give things up for the people he loves. I loved to his this poem because it make me think that there are people out there that are willing to give things up. Also that some things are not as important to you once you find someone you can give things up for. You realize that things are not as important as you thought…show more content…
This play has been very important throughout the years. It has been taught in schools a lot. Beowulf was a hero and killed many monster. His army helped him through his fights. This poem was one of my favorite because I thought the fight between the monsters was cool. It kind of related to me when I read this it made me think that there was one person who helped Beowulf kill the dragon. There is one friend that will always stick with you. Then you got those friends you only talk to when you see them. Beowulf was a very tough man. He showed people how much power he really had. This play was very cool to see or as in video. I think that this play we can all relate too. Also that we all have that one friend who is always be with
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