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It is astonishing to see what we can accomplish when we allow ourself to think. Thinking is one of humanity most magnificent tool, a tool in such that it allows us to opens pathways to emit success. It is not something that can be overestimate or can be limited because thinking is in constant demand. To better understand such capability in depth we must first take in consideration the work of both Todd Dewett and Edward de Bono. These two have express and illustrate phenomenal idea to the importance of thinking. The genuinity and the cleverness of their work I find to be intellectual and amusing. For instance, Dewett’s “Magic Graph illustrates a positive correlation between the time that is spent studying and the performance rate. Essentially,…show more content…
According to Dono, “without creativity there is only repetition and routine. Before I elaborate on such idea, let us consider what it is meant to be creative. Creative as defined by Webster World dictionary as “relating to or involving the imagination or original ideas.” Dono on the other hand express that “creativity is bringing into existence something that has value” (66). A profound example of such that helps to simplify the meaning is “ imagine a cooking competition with several chefs at a long table. Each chef has the same ingredients and the same cooking facility. Who wins that competition?” This is where creative thinking plays an effective roll because when we think creatively, we think outside the box which enable us to project something unique to distinguish ourselves from our peers. Despite the fact that Dono excludes Art as part of his philosophy of creative thinking however, I do agree to the fact that without creativity life is simple repetition. For instance, when repetition becomes practical there is little to no thinking involves. It is as if the body becomes in sync with the routine. This same logic explains why we at time feel bored because the same idea is being refurbished to the point where it become
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