Compare And Contrast Maria Montessori And Frederick Foebel

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In this assignment I am required to evaluate two educational theorists, Maria Montessori and Frederick Froebel. Throughout this essay I will cover the topics of the philosophy of the theorists, their approach and implementations which contribute to their own beliefs towards the early childhood and education settings they have created. To conclude my essay I will state my personal reflections, and compare which elements of each theorists best fit in with my own attitudes, beliefs and values and also will conclude on what doesn’t reflect on my own beliefs. Maria Montessori. Born in 1870, Maria Montessori was born into a well-off household, with highly educated parents. Her father was a very traditional man who did not like the fact that his…show more content…
His mother passed away after he was a baby and his father abandoned him. Froebel was passed onto to his uncle to care for him, it was then he was put into the education system. Froebel wasn’t very fascinated in all of the subjects but had a huge interest into mathematics and nature. Froebel struggled to attend university, after many attempts he got accepted. During his time in university Froebel studied to gain a forester degree and this anticipated towards his love for nature, Froebel soon encountered an opportunity into teaching through a school ran by…show more content…
Montessori and Frederick’s approaches are similar in ways in which they both idolise nature and self-education in their practise. Maria insisted on using natural products in her environment and influenced the children on free play, similar to Frederick who had a keen passion for the world and all elements within it. Both Froebel and Montessori had the same ambition in their work, they wanted their students to become independent, they both gave their students freedom to create and explore bringing out the uniqueness in each child. Even though I agree with Montessori’s approach towards self-education, I just believe that Frederick Froebel has a better approach to self-intuition. Frederick believed in building on what the children already knew and making them create their own idea’s. During free play he let them experiment within the garden of children letting them build up their own fascination for the wider world and respecting all elements within it. For me I believe this is an excellent way to let children think by themselves, it is memorable for the children and also creative, it opens up so many elements of the mind in different ways. Montessori’s method was a bit too intense for young children who are aged 3-5 in my eyes, I believe she has an amazing set up but I believe Froebel’s approach is adapted more around the child’s
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