Compare And Contrast Martin Luther King And Malcolm X

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Imagine yourself back in the 1960's as an African American fighting for your own right to be an average human being. It is already well known there were many heroic leaders for these people through their struggle. Two of these well known leaders were Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X. While these two people were both influential in the African American fight for equality, they each had their own way of representing their ideas. Dr. King was more of a pacifist in his fight for freedom, while Malcolm X was more aggresive with his strategy. While both men were highly effective in their fights, Martin had the stronger plan overall for several reasons. The first reason would be that peaceful protests will not get as many, if any, people harmed due to violence in the protests. It was also a stronger strategy as it was more convincing to people who were against their cause. Those who argue Malcolm X had the stronger strategy do not realize that to win with aggression, you must be able to fully defeat your opponent. For Malcolm's strategy to really work for him, he would have to have ran his opposition fully out of business, which would have been nearly impossible. Martin Luther King Jr. had the stronger strategy for equality because it would result in less harm, communicate the message more effectively, and, unlike Malcolm's plan, not require fully beating their opposition.
To start off, Martin's plan for equality was stronger becuase it would result in less people getting hurt. Martin chose to go with the more peaceful, less aggresive approach to gaining equality. He would use, "the march as a weapon for change in our nonviolent arsenal." He used non-aggresive strategies to show people the unequal treatment which African Americans were recieving. The potential for someone to get hurt protesting in this manner is far less likely than a group going out and rioting. Furthermore, it is safer than Malcolm's plan because those who are upset by losing business may go out and try to hurt those contesting them. Martin's plan would simply be people marching around and helping to educate people on the need for social equality. His manner of protesting was far better because it is hard to lead a protest when all of your
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