Compare And Contrast Martin Luther King And Malcolm X

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Martin Luther King and Malcolm X were two greatest leaders in the fighting of the Civil Rights Movement. Contrary to most American belief, King and Malcolm X were not perfect opposite to each other. However, they do have distinct method to achieve social and economic equality. Malcolm X and King were both civil rights leader during 60s. They had the same goal, which was to achieve social equality for African Americans and Black people. Malcolm X was born in a extremely poor family, which led Malcolm X end up in jail because he sold drug and armed robbed others. In the jail, Malcolm X encountered the teaching of Elijah Muhammad.From then on he was a changed man. Unfortunately, Malcolm was assassinated when he was thirty nine years old.…show more content…
Integration would not easily solve the problem of racism. Some White parents from the school or society would influence their white kid to treat Black student poorly. Kids in the younger generation was vulnerable. When King was six, he was sad when a white family told him he could not play with their kids because of his skin color. Therefore, separation in education is better. Integration will create conflict and racism. If what King was striving for in the end was inequality and vicious lies for the younger generation, then Black should establish their own educational institute. To sum up, Black should have their own liberation schools and educational facilities instead of integration with White.
For most people, Malcolm’s idea of independent economy for Black community is better than boycotting or picketing in order to get a job. According to The Last Years of Malcolm X, “...(W)e haven't learned the importance of owning and operating even when we try and spend our money in the neighborhood where we live, we're spending it with someone who puts it in a basket and takes it out as soon as the sun goes down.” Clearly, he had sought for economic independence. When Black community had their economic independence, they will spend money in their own community to promote economy. Therefore, the black people in the community would be wealthier and wealthier. Also,
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