Compare And Contrast Martin Luther King And Malcolm X

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Civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. once said that we, as the people, “...must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.” Malcolm X, another famous human rights activist, made a sort of contradictory quotation, remarking that the, “...American Negro has no conception of the hundreds of millions of other non-whites’ concern for him: he has no conception of their feeling of brotherhood for and with him.” As much as these two advocates strive for equality towards both blacks and whites throughout the United States during the rise of civil rights movements in 1960’s and later, they show substantial differentialities on how they push to do so. Each of their mindsets formulates their speeches, causing different messages being made towards their audiences. Martin Luther King, for one, leans more into a powerful, yet peaceful approach towards the people while Malcolm X steps forth on the pedestal of shame and pushed the people to act with a violent outcome. These different approaches and mindsets leads back to none other than their early beginnings itself. It leads back to the lives each one of them endured and the ambitions they were each grown into, all during the time of racial oppression towards African Americans. It leads back to the motivations they were entitled to battle for racial equality, however striving to do so in different mannerisms. To begin, one must reflect on each one of these historical figure’s backgrounds to see what led
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