Compare And Contrast Martin Luther King Jr. And Malcolm X

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Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcom X both stood for the rights of African American individuals in the United States. Although each strived for social change and justice, their core beliefs and values differed immensely. Martin Luther King Jr.’s message held onto the truth that love is powerful, defeats hate, and can bring men and women together in unity. Malcom X’s message was one of segregation, separation, and violence towards the white man. Every campaign, protest, and speech given by these two highly followed men determined how one race would ultimately view another. Despite their continuous strides to influence African American opinions and thoughts, Martin Luther King Jr. gained realistic power over Malcom X. He impacted every race throughout the nation through non-violence and made significant change by his ongoing efforts of understanding towards people who loathed his words and actions, the preaching of union and loving one’s neighbor, never giving up on growing hatred into peace, and by stating the real needs of the African American population. Both men grew up in completely different environments and households. Howard-Pitney (2004) states, “As young men, King received an extensive higher education that equipped him to serve his people, while Malcom was surrounded by crime and violence, which eventually led him to prison” (p. 34). Martin Luther King Jr.’s adolescent life was much centered around church. As he aged into a young adult, a college education was
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