Compare And Contrast Mary Rowlandson And Benjamin Franklin

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As a fellow individual, I have read both autobiographies of Mary Rowlandson and Benjamin Franklin. Both of their works were very distinctive from one another and shared parts of their life. However, there were several cracks and crannies, or differences in their memoirs. A belief of mine always said, “Don’t discriminate, let’s procreate!” In other words, each and every person has their own story to tell, have an open mind and hear each other out. As I can imagine, blasting into the past from the 16th century to the 17th century, was a whole another time and era, which can be a challenge for a 90’s kids like me. Nonetheless, I digress, I will try my very hardest to share what the critics and spectators say about their works. Hopefully, you will be enlightened and turn the other cheek. In the autobiography of Mary Rowlandson, she shares her beliefs and thoughts to the world. After being enslaved by Native Americans, in her small, Christian town of Lancaster in the tenth of February of 1675, and witnessing all of the horrendous events that plagued her-from the murderous rage of the Natives to the death of her six-year old daughter, Sarah. Rowlandson begins to hold on to the belief that it was all part of God’s plan. In my personal opinion, excuse my french, but that is blasphemous. From analyzing her book, once or twice, I came to a conclusion that it is paradox within a paradox. Ponder on that, think about it. Let your neurons and brain juices flow here for just a second.

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