Compare And Contrast Maslow And Taylor

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For our management principles assignment we were asked to complete an assignment on two managers from a list of six, we were to compare and contrast the two managers. Through brainstorming and various research I decided to compare and contrast between Abraham Maslow and Frederick Winslow Taylor.

‘The term management refers to the process of getting things done, effectively and efficiently, through and with other people, managers have primary activities in which they must perform. Management processes include planning, organizing, staffing directing and controlling’ fundamentals of management page 3

Abraham Maslow (1908-1970): Background to Management
‘Abraham Maslow was born in Brooklyn and bread in Brooklyn in 1908. He was the 1st of 7 children and was pushed very hard academically by his parents who wanted the best for their children. He attended the University of Wisconsin where he studied psychology. Maslow received his BA in 1930, his MA in 1931 and his PhD in 1934. While in Wisconsin he spent a proportion of time working with Harry Harlow who completed experiments with baby monkeys and their relationship with human behaviour. Maslow also began to teach in Brooklyn College, in his time teaching he came into contact with the many European intellectuals that were immigrating to the US.’
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Probably the most widely cited example of Taylor’s scientific management was the pig iron experiment’ -6th edition management pg 41. Providing incentives, the right people, the right equipment and his scientific analysis Taylor increased productivity of the pig iron from 47 to 4 tons. ‘using similar approaches to other jobs, Taylor was able to define the ‘one best way’ for doing each job. He could then, after selecting the right people for the job, train them to do it precisely in this one best way’ 6th edition pg
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