Compare And Contrast Medea And Antigone

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Medea and Antigone are two stories of women who are fighting back for what they want, and what they believe is right. Both stories take place in ancient Greece, around the time of its rise to power. Medea and Antigone are both very strong, independent and sometimes very manipulating characters. Even though they are very much similar, they have different moral settings that actually control what they do. Medea is often extremely demanding when it comes to getting what she wants. Antigone will do whatever she needs to do in order for her to get what she wants. Antigone disobeys the law of the king to uphold the law of her own spiritual beliefs. In the middle of the night she decides to leave her house and she sneaks her way into a field just so she can bury her dead brother. Medea killed a lot of people, including her two sons and even a princess, just so she can spite her cheating, unlawful husband. These two women are like vultures that wait motionless for the right time to attack. Medea comes up with violent, swift strikes while Antigone took more of a precise and collected one. These women were always determined to get what they want. With these classic works, being a strong woman can fall hand in hand with also being manipulative. Medea lied to try and acquire time just to get what she wants. In her case she wants revenge on her husband for cheating on her and marrying a younger bride. After committing her insane murder she tricks a friend to give her asylum in Athens. She even convinces the king, Creon, into giving her an extra day and this gives her exactly what she needs. Antigone also tries to manipulate and persuade her sister, Ismene, to help bury their brother, Polyneices and give him the proper burial he deserves. She doesn’t seem to be as lucky as Medea when it comes to manipulation. In this sense they are like foxes, they are cunning, but not always getting it just right. Their deceiving ways are their strength. Both women do wrong by the law of man, and Medea against the law of the gods, they actually do it for very different reasons. In the beginning, Medea killed a lot of people with no concern and she wasn’t too worried about the consequences. The story does deal with

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