Compare And Contrast Medical Model And Cognitive Psychology

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The medical model “is a perspective of scientific materialism and the dominant perspective in biological psychiatry. This perspective uses scientific method to explore observable, measurable aspects of the individual”(Elliott Ingersoll, 2016, p. 346). The psychological perspective is “the perspective that represents the subjective experiences of the client. This includes thoughts, feelings, and worldviews as well as such things as mystical or intuitive experiences” (Elliott Ingersoll, 2016, p. 348). The medical model and the psychological model resemble each other by focusing on the brain such as the mind and behavior. The medical model focuses on the molecular structure of drugs and indicators of mental or emotional disorders. However, the medical model is not effective treating mental and emotional disorders. The medical model indicts the notion that abnormal behavior is the product of physical problems and be treated medically. The medical model depends upon independent tests to demonstrate or contradict if a patient is ill. The psychological model uses tests to demonstrate or contradict whether a patient is ill. It is at this point of agreement that the two models separate. A restriction to the psychological model is if a patient that is unconscious, or their communication ability is compromised to the degree that they are…show more content…
Having a client come to me and states, their life is going great they have no complaints, except that she has debilitating anxiety, when she comes across frogs. I would suggest to my client that she has a fear of frogs and that gradual exposer to frogs and relaxation techniques is my recommendation. My client does not need open-ended therapy. There is no diagnosis or a disease, she is simply just afraid of frogs. I know that this is very unlikely to happen and there is something more to that story. With exposer therapy, her issue from where it started will be
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