Compare And Contrast Medieval And Medieval Literature

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In the course of reading these medieval and renaissance works of literature, I went on many adventures. I witnessed Sir Gawain beat the mysteries and riddles of the Green Knight, I read in awe as Beowulf battled viciously against demons and hags alike, and I laughed hysterically as Hamlet let his sarcastic remarks loose on the world. As I read these medieval and renaissance works, I made comparisons and differences between the romance of their plots, their styles of writing, and the theme of the writings.
In medieval literature, romance had an entirely different meaning than it does today. Most of medieval literature had what is called, “courtly romance”; courtly romance are the chivalric acts of the knights for their court or for the ladies of the realm because of “courtly love”. Sir Gawain displayed this courtly romance when he volunteered to risk his life to save King Arthur from the Green Knight’s blade. The romance of medieval literature was usually chivalric in nature, and in almost all the medieval stories, a knight, or knights, embarked on a quest to prove their honor or love of their kingdom or for the love of a lady. On the other hand, the romance of the renaissance era was completely different. Chivalry is thrown completely out of the window and people consistently lose their sense of honor and loyalty to the throne over various things. The court of Hamlet only cares about social status and the riches of achieving the throne. The sense of loyalty to family is
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