Compare And Contrast New England And Chesapeake Colonies

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New England and the Chesapeake Regions After the discovery of the New World, countries raced to expand their empires into the Western Hemisphere. Two countries that were dominating the Americas were Spain and Portugal. These countries were gaining much wealth and power from the New World, and it resulted in an economic boom in both empires. This encouraged other countries, like France and, especially, Britain to join in the competition. Britain joined the quest for land in the New World because they sought to expand their empire, and compete with the growing powers of Spain and Portugal. Britain quickly took the lead in the Western Hemisphere by conquering land from Natives along the eastern coast of North America. Soon, Britain was developing colonies all over the East Coast. Two regions in particular that Britain was controlling was the New England and Chesapeake areas. Prior to 1700, New England attracted many families to settle there, while Chesapeake attracted more men, New England was founded because of religious reasons, while in the Chesapeake, they first were searching for gold. Although they had differences, both New England and Chesapeake colonies had conflict with the Natives, and they both had internal struggles between the poor and the rich. Demographics in the New England and Chesapeake regions differed greatly, while New England had more families settling there, Chesapeake had more men settling. Ever since the Mayflower, when 102 people

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