Compare And Contrast Nirvana And Heaven

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Will there be dinosaurs in heaven and what is the bliss of nirvana all about? Nirvana and heaven – although they are somewhat the same, in some ways they are unequal. Heaven is in the bible. It is a huge part of one of the most loved religions in the world, Christianity, with about 2.2 billion people following it. Nirvana, on the other hand, is the highest point of enlightenment and there is about 535 million Buddhist people present as of the 2010s but not everyone of the Buddhist want to become enlightened because its strict such as they have to shave their heads and meditate very frequently. Heaven is traditionally a place where you can see the throne of God along with all the angels that circle it and God the Father sitting there and his…show more content…
“Nirvana is the eternal existence of a personal soul.” Most of the earlier studies describe nirvana as a terrible thing describing it as “the absence of desire” and “extinction of thirst.” But in the present, they describe it in good terms such as “cessation.” According to Dictionary, “It's often used casually to mean any place of happiness, like if you love chocolate, going to Hershey's Park would be nirvana. On the other hand, if you're a Buddhist monk, it may take you years of meditating to reach nirvana.” In all, it is extremely vague.
`Heaven is so easy to get to, unlike Buddhism. Frankly, Buddhism seems a bit stricter. It also is intensely difficult to find detail on the subject, while heaven is practically an open book. Unlike heaven, which is promised to a Christian, nirvana is attained after a person has reached full enlightenment. It was also very different when heaven and nirvana both described the places in general since heaven is a place and nirvana is an eternal exitance for the soul of a person. Last of all, considering the amount of people who believe in heaven or nirvana, heaven definitely has a bigger number of
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