Compare And Contrast North Korea And South Korea

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Compare and Contrast: North Korea and South Korea Ever wondered why there’s North Korea and South Korea? The nation of Korea was once unified for centuries under the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910). The Japanese invaded Korea and ruled over the nation for 35 years—thus, during the World War II as well. Consequently, the World War II ended after Japan surrendered to the United States, which also led Japan to give up Korea. The United Nations ordered Korea to be temporarily demarcated into two parts through the 38th parallel—the Soviet Union controlled the northern part and the United States controlled the southern part. The United Nations scheduled elections and stated that both parties were to be fair and democratic. The Soviet Union refused the idea of having democratic elections and anointed Kim Il-Sung as North Korea’s communist ruler in contrary with South Korea which democratically elected Syngman Rhee as its leader. That explains why there’s North Korea and South Korea. The nation’s split made a bombarding impact in the development of its environment, economy, people, and culture. North Korea’s capital city is Pyongyang wherein a variety of infrastructures such as buildings, houses, and railway systems can be located. Only the privileged and wealthy people reside in this city. The established buildings are old-fashioned and are dominantly composed of concrete walls. Traditional houses such as Hanoks which is made of wood and straw are evident as people’s homes. The
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